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Emma Moerlein circa 1915
(Donated by Robert & Mary Born Jenkins)

If you have any family photos you would like to see posted, please feel free to email them to me at  If possible, please label them so I know who is in the picture.  If you don't know and would like me to post them to see if anyone else can identify the person, please send them to me with a note to that effect.  Also, if you can identify someone in an photo that is not labeled or if I have labeled a photo incorrectly, please let me know.  Thanks!

Conrad Christian Born
(Donated by Robert & Mary Born Jenkins)

From right to left:
Conrad Christian Born (on cello), Mary's brother, Mary Eckhardt Born and an unidentified man - thought to possibly be Conrad Born, Jr. (Donated by Robert & Mary Born Jenkins)

Moerlein Gin - Alvina & John Moerlein;
Lena & Conrad Born at Hot Springs
(Donated by Robert & Mary Born Jenkins)

Christian Eckhardt Born
(Donated by Robert & Mary Born Jenkins)




Alvina J. Moerlein

Andrew Moerlein (1888)

Christian Moerlein (Son of John Sr. & Mary Moerlein)

George Moerlein

Harold Moerlein & Family

Harold Moerlein, Grace Moerlein, Francis Moerlein, Anna K., Donna (Moerlein) Herbignat, Taryn K.

Harold Moerlein

John Jay Moerlein, Sr.

Jim Ziegler

John, Elizabeth, Amanda, Minnie & Lillian

John Moerlein & Minnie Hartman

Margaret Ziegler

Marie Boehner

John Jr. & Mary Moerlein and son Christian

Andy and Anita Moerlein