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Transcription of the Moerlein Family Name History Document (above)

The German surname Moerlein, which is of patronymic origin, can be found in documents dating back to the thirteenth century.  Names termed patronymic mean that they came hereditary when the given name of the father became the surname of the son.  Here, the surname Moerlein is a pet form of the Germanic personal name Morhart, which in turn derives from the element "mor" which origins are not know.  The second element "hart" of the personal name Moerhart derives from the Old High German "hart" meaning "strong, courageous".  The surname Moerlein does also include the element "lein" which is usually used as a diminutive form and as term of endearment.  It is believed by some etymologists, that the name could have derived from the term "mohr", which indicates a "Moor", which could indicate a person with dark skin.  Again the ending "lein" serves as a diminutive or term of endearment.  The term might be of nickname origin, deriving from a personal or physical characteristic of the original bearer.  Here possibly indicating a child who was dark-skinned or had gotten himself dirty.  As most of the references date back to the thirteenth century the origin from the Germanic personal name Morhart most likely.  References for the surname MoerLein or one of its variant forms date aback tot he year 1200 when one Bertolodus and his brother Burkardus Mörli were residents of the village Laufren, near Balingen.  Unlrich dirkus (called) Mörli resided in the city of Weingarten, in the year 1255.  One named Morhard was a resident of the village Rohrbach, as documents for the year 1257 indicate.  One Morhardus resided in the village of Enaberg, which is located in the county of Maulbrann, in the year 1283.  Conradus Dictus Morlin was a resident of the city of Strassburg in the year 1285.

Blazon of Arms:  Per fess; first fules; second per pale, a) argent, b) sable, overall a rose or,
Crest:  Between two buffalo horns gules - argent and gules - sable the rose of the arms.
Origin:  Germany
The Moerlein Family has many branches and several spelling variations.  It is known that Christian Moerlein had at least a couple brothers who came to the United States.  It is because of Christian, his brothers and his children that we are all here.  Moerlein Family members live all throughout the United States and Germany.  In the U.S., we have family members in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, South Carolina, Hawaii and Alaska. 

Spelling variations we know are related to Christian Moerlein are: Moer, Moehr, Moes, Mor, Maer, Maehr (for the first part) and lien, lein, len or lin (for the second part).

Surnames of individuals that are or possibly could be related to the Moerlein Family include: Boehner, Ottney, Schmidt, McChristian, Bode, Leptak, Bezold, Brune, Wells, Koroschetz, Fisse, Hennel, Lauterback, Oeh, Werner, Pardick, Goetz, Mueller, Hess, Propheter, Pister, and many, many more.  Please note this is not a complete list.  These names are derived from a list of people who have married into the family.

If you think you are related or are unsure but have reason to suspect, please feel free to contact our very own family genealogist, Steve Moerlein at  Steve has done, by far, the most research and has the most complete listing of all Moerleins and related branches.  If he can't answer your question, he will certainly try to find an answer.  We are especially lucky to have someone like Steve in our family.